Sunday, December 24, 2017

Legacy Guide #3: Spain 1812

Ayy, we're back. It's only a legacy guide because I'm suffering from Carpal Tunnel and on vacation, but it'll do, won't it?

So, I did this racing my friend (he did Hessen, to balance it out). Well, I got 53 turns. Here's how

2 Artillery (Sophia and Yermolov)
1 Econ (Fatimah)
1 Cav (Sulkwowski)

So here's the plan.

1. Defense

Jourdan, and possibly Bennigsen, will come for you. Focus all your troops on stopping them, and taking St. Louis. Try to keep all Generals alive.

2. March on Washington

Send Yermolov with one Light Cav to Nashville, then the US Stable. There, build a double Armored Car for Sulkowski. With this force, take Washington and Baltimore

3. Louis and Clark

Send Sophia and both Spanish guys up through St. Louis to Fort Dearborn. Be sure to kill Perignon and Washington (tavern). Ignore the Fort Generals for now

4. Northward Expansion

Send Joyes to cover land and Sophia to kill Barclay. If Barclay crossed the lake, they're headed to separate places. Meanwhile, send Ballesteros East

5. Invasion of New England

Send Sulkowski, Yermolov, and Ballesteros to New York. From there, continue to Hartford, Providence, Boston, and Augusta. This is a good time to wipe out forts. Also, make sure you knock out Verhuell with Ironclads from Baltimore

Green: Your attack
Blue: Allies' attacks
Red: Enemy attacks