Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Enterprise Mod


This mod was called the Enterprise (I am Picard, it's mine, etc). I started it ages ago (might have actually been a year already) and kinda gave up on it when I started Age of Steel (still in early beta, and progress has stalled with no APK unpacking tool on hand). Well, it's still out there, some of the campaigns are playable, and the Russians already hacked it. I see no reason why I should keep it to myself.
If you, for this-or-that reason, want to contact me, and do not wish to use Google+, I am available on The Politics Hub, a forum for political discussion and roleplaying which I run.
While I personally haven't decided if this is more Old Gold or Old Shame, and it's certainly incomplete and rather wonky at times, it's back out there now. Play, or don't, it's your decision.